Create a Business Address

Millions of Americans are now operating businesses from their homes, in fact 38 million home based businesses are currently registered in the US. Home based businesses are now a driving force in today's economy, a force that will only grow stronger. 

The problem for some home based entrepreneurs is that they also 'operate' a family from that home. Privacy concerns can arise from conducting a business and raising a family at the same address. Presenting and elevating a professional profile can also be an issue. Will customers and prospects take someone seriously if they realize they are working from home? 

One of the best and easiest ways to alleviate these concerns is to register a business address at a business center or coworking space. For a little more than a $1/day you can decouple your business address from your home address. When prospects and customers google your business (as everyone does these days) they won't see your beautiful tree-lined street or high rise apartment building, they will see a professional office building. 

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