"Be of Service"

I heard an interview this year with the great Jimmy Iovine, founder of Interscope Records and Cofounder of Beats Electronics. He described his key to success early in his recording career as ‘being of service.’

… Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

… Create an environment that allows others to do what they do best.

… Anticipate the needs of your clients and present them before they are requested.

… Give more than you receive.

Be of service to your clients and they will always come back.

This is true for any business but especially in the business center/coworking space. We always strive to anticipate the needs of our clients and truly believe that our success as a business and a community will only be realized if the members themselves are more successful. We do our best to provide everything they need and then just get out of the way, but we’re never more than a call or text away.

We specialize in private offices, coworking and virtual office services. We provide an environment to let the modern professional ‘get things done.’

Be of service… think about it.

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