Sample New Years Resolutions

We all start the new year full of optimism and hope for the weeks and month ahead. One of the best ways to start things off right is to make a plan and (try) to stick to it. Joining a coworking community is a great way for solo-preneurs to hold themselves accountable to sticking with a singular resolution or a strategic plan. Here are a few sample resolutions that may help you and your business in 2018:


•       Understand your finances:

1.     Make financial predictions by examining future revenues, future operating costs, and assets needed to service future demand.

2.     Pay off your lingering debts

3.     Lower your expenses as much as possible

4.     Measure the progress of your business so that you know whether or not you’re hitting targets.

5.     Get your personal credit up because personal credit is a factor in getting business loans.

•       Improve your health: You need to be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Give your immune system a boost. When you eat healthy and exercise, you are more productive and happier.

•       Become a stronger leader: be an effective leader. This means creating an environment that welcomes creative thinking. Never lose sight of where you want your business to go.

•       Get more social: Social media is one of the best ways to engage and interact with customers, Connect with influencers in your industry. Having a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  LinkedIn account is important. Try and spend the upcoming year being active on social media

•       Spend less time in the office: Make time for yourself, friends and family. Step out of the office from time-to-time to refresh and improve your overall health.

•       Keep up with current events: Pay attention to the news It provides entrepreneurs with insights into their companies so that they can make informed decisions. Remember, we live in a connected world.

•       Hire smarter: Hiring the right people is important for business owners. They’ll bring out the best in you and your office team. They’ll help your business grow.

•       Be more empathetic: Empathy is “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; and the ability to share someone else’s feelings.” Communicating empathetically with customers and employees helps your business succeed. Understand what’s important to them and they will appreciate that you care enough to make that a priority.