Large Companies Embrace Coworking - who's next?

Are bigger business joining the coworking world? The answer is yes! Since the rise in coworking spaces, we see more and more professionals enjoy the idea of having a flexible work environment as opposed to the corporate environment their firms have provided.

When coworking spaces first opened, they were all about getting start-up companies out of the garage and into a space where work could get accomplished. Now with all the hype about what coworking has done for companies, larger businesses want in. They began to see how different interactions with others and having a space in different locations expanded their business. With bigger companies joining, coworking spaces are popping up in more locations, including the suburbs.

Now that more professionals are entering the coworking environment, it will be exciting to see how our industry expands in the new year. Who will be next to join the coworking craze? What types of coworking spaces will be created?

Happy New Year!