A New Years Message

New Year, New Goals. 2017 is in the rear view mirror end we can look back on our achievements, our failures, our proudest moments, and our breakdowns. We look forward to a year of getting past what held us back and progressing on.

Going into the New year, everyone has the greatest resolutions they think of just before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s to lose weight, to save more and spend less, reach out to family more, or even just focus on being a better self. These resolutions often get forgotten, after the excitement of a new year fades away. What’s important is to not set a yearly resolution, but daily ones. Achieving something daily, even the smallest act will help bigger resolutions get achieved. If we don’t eat the donut in the break room, were one step closer to losing weight. If the shirt you want is taunting you from the shelf, and you walk past the shop? That’s one step to saving money in the new year. A simple text message to express that you care is achieving one goal you set. Lastly do more of what makes you happy. Getting up each day and staying goal focused, will in return create a better you.

Going into a new year is intimidating and exciting. There is always something new to learn. A new year is the first page out of 365page book. Don’t regret what you’ve done, but start knowing that you can only go up from here.

Goodbye 2017!  Hello 2018, We welcome you!