I’m done with the Home Office!

Another reason to join a business center or coworking space:

Are you working from home or running a home based business? I have done both. Then my son was born. At that point, working from home became distracting and ultimately unproductive.

Shortly thereafter I joined a startup with two partners, they were in Chicago and I am here in the Boston area. I needed a place to be productive, stay on the phone and not be tempted to help out with our newborn.

I found a business center that offered a clean and quiet space and allowed me to focus on closing new business. My own success in that business was due in large part to the environment that promoted it. (Then I bought that business center, a story for another time)

If you are working from home and find that a new space may allow you to take your business to the next level, consider a business center or a coworking space.